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Louise Griffiths


My name is Louise Griffiths and welcome to my blog! I have a background working in corporate event management and I’m currently freelancing in areas of Digital Media, Brand Management, Consumer Engagement and Social Media. I am also an undergraduate student studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) at Macquarie University in NSW, Australia.

Although I really enjoyed working on a diverse array of conference and seminars throughout Australia I decided to attend university and obtain my degree so I could expand the opportunities open to me. I am passionate about Digital Media and Brand Management and believe some of the best uses of today’s Digital and Social Media Buzz is to build strong and personal relationships and really engage with your customers as well as utilising the benefits of being able promote your brand on a more personal level.

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland I moved to Sydney, Australia in February 2006. In February 2010 I quit my job as a Project/Event Coordinator for a Professional Conference Organiser to begin my undergraduate degree. I was eager to attend university not only to learn about traditional marketing but also because of the opportunities it gives me to study other areas of interest too, for example I using my electives to study areas such as the Cyber-cultures, Social Networking & Cyber-languages, Interactive Web Design, Business Communications, Digital Media Production, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management as well as Public Relations. I am also aware however that university curriculum hasn’t necessary caught up to the rapid changing world and as a result I am active online on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and read numerous professional blogs and websites. During my first year of university I was also a Marketing and Sales coordinator for a family owned wholesale company in which I focused on areas such as brand management, production of marketing material, sales reporting and management of incentive programs for the company’s sales agents.

I am keen to connect with other professionals with similar interests and I am also open to Internship opportunities to help expand my knowledge. You can email me through my contact me page or click on the “Follow Me” icon on the right of the page to connect with me through various Social Networking sites.

Want to learn more about me? Visit www.louisegriffiths.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/LouiseGriffiths

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Email: mail@louisegriffiths.com