I guess the ultimatum of short term fame or a long term strategy can be discussed in many contexts. You see it in the music and film industries all the time. People do certain things to launch themselves into the limelight without any real thought as to what they are going to do once the initial attention wears off.  Having been reading case studies, looking at Facebook and twitter campaigns and just generally keeping abreast of industry news I have had this recurring concern over the strategy foresight of some large companies with a social media presence.

Take NAB (National Australia Bank) for example, they came out with a clever and rather witty campaign which was predominantly offline but both started and was (in theory) supported by their online presence. For anyone not familiar with the campaign, you can read about it in more detail here, here and here which also explains the success financially for NAB. I thought it was a great campaign starting with what looked like a rogue tweet and quickly escalating into a multichannel well timed campaign. There is no doubt it was a fantastic and perhaps even award winning campaign but my issue is that since then, although I still see their ads on TV, overall it appears they have gone quiet. Now that’s not really true – their twitter account is always busy answering enquiries but the initial buzz has gone. So what do they do now? If they are to be as successful with the next one it has to be bigger and bigger surely?

Ikea was another great idea. Their Facebook campaign got followers to tag themselves in pictures, with the first to tag themselves on a item wining it. It was a fantastic idea – you can read about it here. But when the campaign is over, how many of those Facebook fans are still engaged enough to stick around?

I am not in any way suggesting that companies should not do invest time in building their followers and customers through these creative campaigns but what I do think should be happening is the implementation of a long term strategy. Think past the campaign; think past the next 3 months, what is going to keep your customers engaged for the foreseeable future?